Francis Ngannou Net Worth 2024 , Career, Pfl deal, More

Francis Ngannou Net Worth
Francis Ngannou Net Worth 2024 , Career, Pfl deal, More

Francis Ngannou Net Worth 2024 ? Francis Ngannou, also known as “The Predator,” is a renowned name in the world of combat sports, particularly in the realm of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Apart from his impressive fighting skills, many fans and enthusiasts are curious about his financial success. In this article, we will explore Francis Ngannou net worth and the factors contributing to his wealth.

What Is Francis Ngannou Net Worth 2024?

Estimated Net WorthBetween $5 million and $7 million
UFC Debut (2015)Around $22,500
Victory Over Alistair Overeem (2017)$90,000
UFC Heavyweight Title Fight (2018)$500,000
Fight Against Derrick Lewis$105,000
Rematch with Curtis Blaydes (2018)$255,000
UFC 260 Rematch (2021)Estimated $580,000
Victory Against Ciryl GaneApproximately $600,000
PFL DealHigh seven-figure purse per fight
Minimum Salary for OpponentsUp to $1 million
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Francis Ngannou Net Worth

Francis Ngannou’s net worth is a subject of interest due to his remarkable journey from a modest upbringing in Cameroon to becoming a top heavyweight fighter and an influential figure in the MMA world.

The Estimated Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Francis Ngannou’s net worth is estimated to be between $5 million and $7 million. This estimation takes into account various sources of income, including fight earnings, endorsements, and other business ventures.

Career Earnings

Ngannou’s financial success is closely tied to his MMA career. Here’s a breakdown of some of his key career earnings:

  • UFC Debut (2015): In his first UFC fight, Ngannou reportedly earned around $22,500.
  • Victory Over Alistair Overeem (2017): His earnings saw a significant increase to $90,000.
  • UFC Heavyweight Title Fight (2018): Ngannou had a major payday, earning $500,000 for this title fight.
  • Fight Against Derrick Lewis: Despite a loss, Ngannou earned $105,000.
  • Rematch with Curtis Blaydes (2018): His earnings rose to $255,000.
  • UFC 260 Rematch (2021): Ngannou’s career reached its peak as he made an estimated $580,000 when he defeated Stipe Miocic to become the UFC heavyweight champion.
  • Victory Against Ciryl Gane: Ngannou’s last fight under the UFC banner was a successful defense of his title, and he was reported to have made roughly $600,000.

PFL Deal

After his successful UFC career, Ngannou signed a contract with the Professional Fighters League (PFL). Under this deal, he is set to earn a high seven-figure purse for each fight, with a minimum salary that can go as high as $1 million for his opponents. Additionally, Ngannou’s role as chairman and equity owner of PFL Africa positions him for further financial success.


1.) What is Ngannou’s net worth in 2024?

Ans : Francis Ngannou’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be between $5 million and $7 million

2.) Is Francis Ngannou walking away from the UFC?

Ans : Yes, Francis Ngannou left the UFC following contract negotiations and joined the Professional Fighters League (PFL)

3.) What languages does Francis Ngannou speak?

Ans : Francis Ngannou is known to speak French and English.

4.) How tall is Francis Ngannou?

Ans : Francis Ngannou stands at 6 feet 4 inches (193 cm) tall.

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