Kamila Valieva Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Wiki, Coach

Kamila Valieva
Kamila Valieva Net Worth 2024, Age, Height, Wiki, Coach

Kamila Valieva, born on April 26, 2006, in Kazan, Russia, embarked on her figure skating odyssey at the tender age of three. Under the tutelage of various coaches including Ksenia Ivanova, Marina Kudriavtseva, Igor Lyutikov, and Natalia Dubinskaya, her talent blossomed. However, it was her transition to Moscow’s SSHOR Moskvich and subsequently to Sambo-70, under the guidance of renowned coach Eteri Tutberidze, that marked a pivotal moment in her career.

Summary of Who is Kamila Valieva?

Full NameKamila Valeryevna Valieva
Date of BirthApril 26, 2006
Place of BirthKazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia
EthnicityVolga Tatar
Kamila valieva coachEteri Tutberidze, Sergei Dudakov, Daniil Gleikhengauz, Georgy Pokhilyuk
Skating ClubSambo 70 (Khrustalny)
Skating Career Begin2009
Net Worth $2.5 Million
InspirationsAdmires Nathan Chen’s Technique and Ability
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Early Career Highlights

Valieva’s precocious talent was evident from the outset. Her performances, such as the spellbinding short program set to Arvo Pärt’s “Spiegel im Spiegel,” captured global attention. Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s “Girl on a Ball,” this program not only showcased her technical prowess but also her artistic sensibility. Victories, including the Russian Younger Age Championships, foreshadowed the meteoric rise that awaited her.

Record-Breaking Achievements

Valieva’s ascent to the summit of women’s figure skating has been nothing short of remarkable. She shattered records with unparalleled consistency, becoming the first female skater to breach the 250-, 260-, and 270-point thresholds in total scores within a single season.

Her mastery of the ice saw her achieve milestones like breaking the 90-point threshold in the short program and the 170- and 180-point thresholds in the free skate. Furthermore, she etched her name in the annals of skating history by executing the quadruple toe loop, a feat previously achieved only by her training partner Alexandra Trusova. Valieva’s repertoire also includes the elusive triple Axel, a testament to her technical prowess and unwavering determination.

Doping Controversy and Fallout

The zenith of Valieva’s career was marred by controversy when a doping scandal rocked the skating world during the 2022 Winter Olympics. Despite being provisionally crowned Olympic champion in the team event, pending the conclusion of a WADA investigation, her achievements came under scrutiny following a positive drug test for trimetazidine. The subsequent ruling by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) imposed a four-year ban retroactively from December 25, 2021, and invalidated all competitive results from that date, casting a shadow over her legacy.

Kamila Valieva Height And Weight

  • Height: 5 feet 3 inches / 160 centimeters
  • Weight: 104 pounds / 47 kilograms
  • Body Measurements: 29-22-31 inches (bust-waist-hips)
  • Birth Date: April 26, 2006
  • Hair Color: Not specified
  • Eye Color: Not specified

Kamila Valieva Net Worth 2024

It’s possible that Kamila Valieva’s net worth is estimated at $2.5 million. This figure would encompass earnings from competition prizes, endorsement deals, sponsorships, and other sources of income related to her career as a figure skater.

Personal Life and Beyond the Ice

Off the ice, Valieva’s story is one of dedication and devotion. Gifted with a Pomeranian named Lëva, she finds solace and companionship in her furry friend. Beyond skating, she harbors a deep admiration for skaters like Nathan Chen, whose technique and ability she aspires to emulate. Her choice of skating boots, white Edea Piano with silver blades, reflects her meticulous attention to detail and penchant for elegance.

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