Does Taylor Swift Like Travis Kelce? The Truth Behind the Dating Rumors

Does Taylor Swift Like Travis Kelce
Does Taylor Swift Like Travis Kelce

In the world of celebrity gossip, rumors spread like wildfire, especially when it comes to potential romantic relationships. The latest buzz in town revolves around the possibility of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce being more than just friends. Fans have been keeping a close eye on any signs that could confirm this intriguing speculation. Let’s dive into the details and see if there’s any truth to these dating rumors.

Short Information Does Taylor Swift Like Travis Kelce

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The Travis Kelce – Taylor Swift Connection

It all began when Travis Kelce, the NFL player known for his prowess on the field, was asked about his rumored relationship with the pop sensation Taylor Swift during an appearance on NFL+. Hosted by Andrew Siciliano, the interview took an unexpected turn when reports surfaced that Kelce had attempted to give his phone number to Taylor at one of her concerts.

Siciliano couldn’t help but address the elephant in the room, saying, “The only thing anyone really wants to talk about is Taylor Swift.” Kelce seemingly confirmed the reports, stating, “I said what I said. And I meant what I said when I said it. And you know what, it is what it is.” However, he remained coy about their relationship status, asserting, “I’m not gonna talk about my personal life.”

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The Opal Necklace Clue

Fans, ever watchful for clues, noticed something interesting when Taylor Swift was spotted wearing an opal necklace during an outing in New York. While it might seem like a harmless fashion choice, Swifties were quick to point out that opal happens to be the birthstone for October, and Kelce’s birthday is on October 5. Social media was abuzz with comments like, “Kelce is a Libra, and opal is our birthstone,” adding a layer of intrigue to the dating rumors.

The pendant in question is part of Foundrae’s Forever & Always a Pair Pendant, a symbol of love and unity. The website describes it as representing pairs that come together when the time feels right, signifying enduring connections.

Insider Reports and Feelings

To add fuel to the fire, reports emerged claiming that Does Taylor Swift Like Travis Kelce had been quietly hanging out. According to an insider, “She saw him when she was in NYC a few weeks ago.” However, sources close to both parties suggest that they may not officially be an item, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility of feelings being involved. Travis Kelce is known for his charming personality, humor, and love for football, which only adds to the intrigue surrounding their potential connection.

Fun and Banter in the NFL

The dating rumors have even made their way into the NFL commentary. During a game, commentator Ian Eagle made references to Taylor Swift’s songs while describing Kelce’s performance on the field. The banter continued on social media, with NFL Network’s Rich Eisen joining in, playfully referencing Swift’s hit songs.

Travis Kelce’s Sweet Gesture

In an episode of the podcast “New Heights,” Travis Kelce revealed a sweet gesture he made before one of Taylor Swift’s concerts. He had crafted a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it, hoping to give it to her. Unfortunately, Swift doesn’t usually interact with fans before or after her shows to preserve her voice for her extensive setlist. Despite this, Kelce’s brother, Jason Kelce, humorously suggested that Taylor may still be recovering from the Super Bowl loss, implying that she might have made up an excuse to avoid talking to Travis.

In conclusion, while the dating rumors between Does Taylor Swift Like Travis Kelce continue to circulate, there is no concrete evidence to confirm their relationship. Fans may be eager to ship this potential couple, but both parties have remained tight-lipped about their personal lives. Whether there’s more to this story or it’s just speculation fueled by fans’ excitement, only time will tell.


1.) Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce officially dating?

Ans:- As of now, there is no official confirmation of their relationship. While there are speculations and hints, both Does Taylor Swift Like Travis Kelce have not made any public statements regarding their dating status.

2.) What is the significance of Taylor Swift wearing an opal necklace?

Ans:- The significance lies in the fact that opal is the birthstone for October, and Travis Kelce’s birthday falls on October 5. This led to fans speculating about a possible connection between them.

3.) Why did Travis Kelce try to give Taylor Swift a friendship bracelet?

Ans:- Travis Kelce revealed that he tried to give Taylor Swift a friendship bracelet with his phone number on it as a gesture of admiration. However, Taylor Swift’s pre-show routines usually do not allow for such interactions.

4.) What do insiders say about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship?

Ans:- Insiders suggest that while they may have spent time together, they may not be officially dating. There seems to be mutual interest and feelings, but no official commitment has been confirmed.

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